katharine makes monsters

Since reigniting my craft hobby (addiction?) seven years ago, I’ve developed a reluctance to throw things away. No, I haven’t reached Hoarders-level insanity where we’ve got piles of actual garbage. I just give pause to certain items that could be repurposed in some way. Can these ill-fitting, tattered jeans be transformed into pouches? Will I ever make that pop tab belt? What can we do with cardboard coffee sleeves? Wait, don’t throw out those security envelopes! (More on that later.)

Thanks to this new quirk, I’ve got a stash of old t-shirts and fabric from impulse purchases. But here’s my problem. I am inept in the fabric arts. I can’t knit. My crochet skills are remedial at best. Sewing machines are foreign to me. Trying to figure out patterns for anything cloth-based makes my brain weep. I do all my sewing by hand. And even those projects turn out wonky. To ease my way into working with fabric and simple patterns, and to improve my hand stitching skills, I started making little monster plushies.

Using a pattern I made from a cereal box, I liberate monster shapes from scraps and stitch together these lumpy plushy things. Because every fabric is different, each monster comes out in slightly different proportions. Some are taller, fatter, have longer legs, etc. Monster making is a nice, easy project. I can put one together while watching a dumb movie. Last winter/spring, I cranked out 20 monsters. And there’s still more to make!

There’s no imaginative back story to my monsters. They just are. I posted the batch on Etsy with the hope that some kind people will come along and adopt them and create lives and histories for them.

And, because I suffer from chronic creativity, I created a monster paper doll. Click on the image to download the PDF.


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