katharine makes fancy plans

The beginning of a new year invites the promises of new challenges, new goals, and new promises to be broken.

In 2012 I’ll be finishing up the Robot of Leisure graphic novel series. The final two installments of the six volume series should be completed by late Autumn. In addition to the books, Boris and I are using this leap year as a challenge to do a “blank a day” project. Starting January 1, 2012, we will be bringing you 366 days of Boris in a variety of costumes, silly hats, and season-appropriate activities.

I will also resurrect a blog I started last year. Am I Canadian Yet? will loosely chronicle my immigration process and my experiences/observations of being an American in Canada. If you’re an American-Canadian, I’d love to get your perspective in an interview-type thing, so get in touch.

I imagine there will also be more monsters, more crafting, and more ranting over here. I have a whole list of things to share. I also have an iPad loaded with a Boggle app. Ah, there’s the hitch in my plan. If I can muster up enough will power to cease the endless word search, this new year will be most productive (and prosperous, please-and-thank-you).

What are your fancy plans for 2012?


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