Boris 366

Did you miss the first week of my Robot of Leisure Boris 366 project? It’s okay. You’re probably obsessing over newly made and freshly broken resolutions or settling back into your normal work routine or playing online Boggle while trying to decide when to pull down the holiday decorations.

…What do you mean you haven’t heard of the Boris 366 project?!

In short, every day through 2012 I’m posting a quick illustration of my robot character Boris in some sort of costume or seasonally-appropriate activity. So far Boris has paid tribute to Jack Hanna, Victor Borge, Max Headroom, Isaac from Love Boat, and Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean.

You can get the daily illustration several ways.

1) Bookmark or subscribe to the Robot of Leisure blog
2) “Like” the Robot of Leisure page on Facebook. This will add updates to your News Feed.
3) If you follow me on Twitter, WordPress sends an automatic link to the Robot of Leisure blog. But then you’ll also wind up with a whole lot of Katharine blather. Maybe you like that sort of thing, though.
4) If you’re more of a Tumblr-er, you can follow the Robot of Leisure Tumblr to see the daily Boris doodle.

Aren’t you curious to see what silliness a robot cartoon can get into in one year? Don’t you want to see if I sustain the project through the entire year? What kind of excuses will I give whenif I lag behind? Oh, the potential drama!

Jump on this bandwagon while there’s still ample seating and before it get too far from the station.


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