katharine issues fair warning about upcoming content

Things might get a little ranty around here.

I’ve been known to display my bitterness in the past. Bitterness is hardwired into my DNA (again, I don’t really know how DNA works) and is part of my charm (or will be when, in 20 years, I’ve grown into—and been accepted as—my role as a lady curmudgeon). No matter how much sugar, Splenda, stevia, aspartame, and high fructose corn syrup I consume, I’ve still got lingering bitterness. Even so, I’m not known as an angry person ranting on the steps of the local library. I try to keep things light and fluffy and not-too-thinky.

Time for fluffy-thinking is over. It’s time to give our flabby arms a workout with fist-shaking and desk-banging and neck-throttling. Okay, neck-throttling is going too far. Don’t do that one.

I’ve been filling up Simplenote* with lots of rants, thoughts, ideas, and unpopular opinions. If I could write in the shower, I’d have triple the amount of material. Admittedly, half of my internal shower rants are shower-related. It’s all water pressure, water temperature, soap innovations, religion, why people wouldn’t believe it if Jesus appeared today, skin elasticity, chemicals in food versus chemicals in cleansers, exfoliation, and why my mother doesn’t love me anymore. There’s a joke about brainwashing somewhere but I think my shampoo is slowly murdering my brain cells (I may not know how any of the sciences work).

Anyway, I’ll be sharing some of my thinks and observations and unpopular opinions in the coming weeks. If you’re sensitive to liberal theories, shower-based musings, or general suppositions, perhaps you’d be better off looking at my less controversial Pinterest likes or Etsy treasuries. Ooh, pretty things.

*Simplenote is awesome because it lets me write/ramble on my iPad and then edit on the big computer. I don’t write in Microsoft Word. I don’t even have MS Office. Most of my writing happens in TextEdit or Simplenote or scribbled in real notebooks with real paper and real pens with questionable ink flow. Why are ball point pens so terrible?! No, wait. I’ll save that one for later.


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