katharine takes inventory: wardrobe

25 argyle tops
• 14 argyle pullover sweaters
• 6 argyle cardigans
• 2 argyle t-shirts
• 2 argyle short-sleeved knit tops
• 1 argyle mock sweater vest
3 pair argyle tights
19 dresses
9 pairs jeans (two unworn, back-ups)
6 zip-up hoodies
2 bunny hugs
6 pairs black pants (rarely worn in 11 years thanks to white cat)
1 pair corduroy pants (hate wearing because they make noise when thighs rub together)
1 pair calf-high boots that are too tight on my calves (were not too tight when purchased, still too tight after losing 15 pounds)
1 pair rain boots with cracked rubber toes, no one has suggestions for repairing
3 pair black heels (impossible to walk long distances in)
3 pair ballet flats, various colors (bought instead of taking taxis)
1 pair red patent leather pumps (one of many pretty mistakes)
1 bowling shirt
2 bowler hats
17 pairs of sunglasses
3 winter coats
1 plastic bin full of business casual attire (rarely worn, mostly button up shirts that make me look boxy and mannish)
various shirts and knits from Old Navy (serves double-duty as day wear and sleepwear)
36 possibilities waiting for opportunities
various shapeless, sexless fabrics indicating to passers-by that the wearer has given up
6 turtlenecks to poorly disguise chin acne
12 hats waiting for an occasion
1 black blazer that gets the lint roller treatment for the too rare job interview
5 pairs chenille socks
257 memories
14 obligations
20 fantasies and delusions
multiple combinations of potential and optimism


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