katharine makes (more) fancy plans

It’s that time of year when I reflect on the last 12 months, the state of the world, and my own accomplishments. After three days of uncontrollable sobbing and eating generic Kraft Dinner, I hop aboard the manic train and devise lists upon lists of the fanciest plans, the best intentions, and the wackiest of capers. Sometimes I follow through with the most accessible schemes and leave the rest behind to linger in notebooks, file cabinets, and purses.

Beginning in 2013, I’ll be updating this blog twice a week. I’m introducing some new categories and giving some structure to my usual blather. Every Monday and Thursday I’ll have fresh content for your eyeballs. Mondays are reserved for quickie-type posts to ease you back into the internet after…whatever it is people do on weekends away from the internet. On Thursdays I’ll serve up meatier content to make your day go faster and your week end sooner. Or maybe this will just help you keep track of passing days so that you don’t stay in the same pajamas for several weeks.

Follow along as I share links I’ve enjoyed around the internet, random lists, half-assed tutorials of craft projects I’ve attempted, rants about things that annoy me and raves about things I love, blatant self-promotion, and free digital downloads of things I’ve made (digital wallpaper, paper dolls, etc.). Basically, same content with a more structured schedule. So, if you don’t want to miss anything, feel free to add this blog link to your preferred manner of managing your regular internet reads.

Also, look for new content coming for the Robot of Leisure and Am I Canadian Yet? blogs. Don’t look right this minute. It isn’t there yet. But it will be in a matter of days…so, okay, do go there right now and do the little bookmark/rss/subscribe thing and then you’ll be set for readin’s for the new year. As if you didn’t already have a massive amount of things to look at on the internet. And television. And out the window. Man, there’s a lot of stuff to see.


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