katharine hearts the internet: links: kitty cat edition


The internet is full of cats. In olden times, the internet had a reputation for being a virtual den of smut. It was all pictures of shiny nude ladies and unshowered dudes pretending to be sexually confused girls while taking a break from Quake or Doom or whatever. Then we all got blogs, then quit those blogs, then posted to those same blogs fifteen minutes after quitting. Then we got MySpace. And somehow we reached this point where we stream marathons of television shows and forward kitty cat pictures to our social networks. I’m sure there’s some observation to make regarding the life stages of an internet and speculation as to whether the internet is elderly. But this is not the time. Let’s look at kitty cat pictures!

Kitty Cat Daily
Cat Versus Human
Hard Truths From Soft Cats
Writers and Kitties
Cats Not Kids


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