katharine promotes herself


If it’s the end of the month, it’s time for me to remind you about all the things I’ve done and encourage you to look at them.

As you might know, I draw a little robot named Boris. He’s likes to dress up in costumes and host parties and go on adventures. Last year I took on the project of posting 366 different drawings of Boris in costumes. This year we’re taking a little easier but still having loads of fun. Boris and I are presenting 52 Weeks of Leisure over on the Robot of Leisure blog.  Once a week, Boris will be sharing tips and hints for entertaining that he picked up from his programming in Zükünfthaus (learn more about Boris and his life of leisure in Zükünfthaus at the official Robot of Leisure site).

Check in every Tuesday through 2013 and you’ll find goodies like a recipe for a cocktail or appetizer, entertaining tips, a diagram for popular dance style, and much more! For example, in January Boris presented a warm cocktail, some advice on how to have a fun party alone, and a demonstration showing us all how to do The Freddie. It’s great kitschy fun!


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