katharine likes to make things: eye pillows


Another month, another craft project. I don’t have much new to say about this project, since it’s another sewing craft and I sew everything by hand. I set out to make something more useful than decorative and came up with the eye pillow. I used an old sleep mask to trace out the design to create a pillow that wouldn’t put so much pressure on the nose. I find the rectangle pillows feel too heavy on the bridge of my nose.

You’ll find a lot of tutorials online for DIY lavender-laden aromatherapy eye pillows that are filled with buckwheat hulls or flax seed. I chose to fill my eye pillows with plain white rice and omit the fragrant leaves. Some people aren’t into putting smelly things on their faces. I’m not one of those people, but I want to provide an option for them.



Except in one case, I used all new materials here. A couple of years ago, I put a few of my designs up on Spoonflower and printed some 8″x 8″ test swatches. This was the perfect size for an eye pillow. One swatch alone would yield one mask. I had some blue satin fabric on hand that I used for the backs, so I managed to squeeze out four masks from two swatches. These particular swatches are Organic Cotton Sateen.


This is just something I found in a remainders bin at Fabricland for a couple of dollars. I had ambitious plans that fell through. Now it’s a thing someone can put on their face.

The fabric used here comes from the dress I wore on the cover of my book 30 Failures by Age 30. It was a nice costume by unfit for regular wear. Repurpose ahoy! I actually tried experimenting with scents in the rectangle eye pillow from this fabric. It was…not successful.

My fabric designs are still up on Spoonflower. You can get any test swatch of any design/fabric for $5/each. I don’t see much about the company outside of niche craft blogs. A lot of designs tend to be of the novelty sort and the prices are a bit steep for anyone who’s used to shopping remainder bins. If I were a better seamstress, I might be more tempted by the options presenting by all the indie designers. Maybe this unscented eye pillow endeavor will pay off and I can splurge on a couple of fat quarters someday.


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