katharine hearts boris and calendars

thanks to a school project offering lots of creative freedom, i was able to make the 2009 WHiRR calendar. it’s new! it’s improved! it’s a calendar and a set of postcards! now how much would you pay?

preview to whet your appetite. comment with interest. the demand will determine the supply.


katharine hearts boris

no, i haven’t given up crafting or blogging. as my lengthy holiday draws to a close, i’ve been trying to complete as many projects as possible. one project involved the reuse of some of the tileboards i rescued from the basement. my intention is to redo all of boards and coat them with resin to protect the artwork. this project made use of old WHiRR artwork, two tileboards, and a big canvas I had sitting around.



i still have some work to do on it and will take better photos as lighting permits. but you get the idea. the canvas is 16×20 and the two 5×7 tileboards are hanging off of the canvas with sturdy nails. time will tell if it’ll hold up.

katharine still hearts boris

the relaunch of Blissfully Bitter reveals WHiRR as a line under the BB brand instead of the whole enchilada. this doesn’t mean Boris is being retired again. we’re just making room for other creative endeavours. new robot merchandise is on deck and Boris will live to see new adventures.

a few months ago, i put these little things together. i don’t know what to call them. the plasticine robots were made by a friend of mine and these were from the test run and defects.

materials: plasticine robots, hex nuts, zip disk cases, decorative paper

katharine has a new etsy shop

just in time for the holidays, i’ve opened a new shop on Etsy. while i take time to overhaul the Blissfully Bitter website and determine the fate of WHiRR and Boris, i’m offering non-robot goods to the general public.

i’m fairly certain WHiRR will survive in some capacity, but it’s taken quite a hit over the past year with school and its insane demand on my time and creative energy. my fancy plans to continue the web comic were dashed within mere days of my re-entry into higher learning. momentum was lost by the time my break rolled around. and being short of manpower, i haven’t signed up to schlep my wares around town during the holiday season (which will make my pocketbook weep). once i redesign and relaunch Blissfully Bitter’s site, WHiRR will just be one category rather than the whole focus.

if you’ve seen any of the crafts i’ve posted here over the past months and said “Man, I need to own that, but I’m too lazy/unskilled to make it myself,” this is the time to be heard and make your requests for the online store or private commissions.

at the time of this writing, my new shop only has my prints and a couple of felt pouches, but i’ll be adding more in the coming days. like dorothy parker martini IDs, eric von zipper valentines cards, and childfree- and martini-themed items.

katharine hearts cardboard

three years ago, i built a robot. he wasn’t shiny and he wasn’t functional, but he was mine and i loved him. boris was constructed with two cardboard boxes, styrofoam bits, and PVC pipe. most of his parts were rescued from the trash (or under my furniture).

he sat in my living room until the Big Move because we didn’t have enough room for him. boris is currently crashing at a friend’s place, sipping martinis and dreaming of a career as a film extra and rock star.

and he pales in comparison to the work of Chris Gilmour.

katharine strongly dislikes damp basements

a few years ago, i found these tile boards at Michaels and bought up a dozen or so over the course of two years. i decoupaged some WHiRR artwork on them and they looked pretty nice. i used them for display at my Fringe tent last year and at my art showing at Austins Coffee last fall. now, after being stored in a damp basement, many of them are looking pretty bad. the boards themselves have not molded or warped, but the artwork is peeling away. a future project will be to redo them all and find some heavy duty shellac or resin to coat the surfaces.

here are some pre-basement shots.