katharine likes to make things: floppy disk notebook

I’ve always been the type to disassemble things. It was putting things back together that was always the challenge. When my boyfriend was looking to throw stuff out, he had a stack of floppy disks. Not the hard shell 3.5″ disks we saved our .wav files on the in the 1990s. These were authentic 5.25″ floppies. I looked over the internet for ways to use these disks, but all you guys use the hard stuff. So I did what I do best and ripped one open. The front side of these disks are dull black plastic (the better to affix brightly coloured labels, my dear) but the inside is wholly different! Textured fabric with a mod design. My immediate instinct was to fashion these into notebooks.

I’ve made several and given them away as gifts (without taking photos first, sadly) and have two or three left to finish.

The notebooks are made up of two floppies trimmed and flipped. I’ve used scrapbook paper and decorative scraps to fill the holes where the magnetic film once peeked through. The paper is taken from dollar store small composition books (not the mini size) and trimmed to fit.

Because I don’t have a proper binding tool (yet), I had to get creative with binding. I wanted to make the cover reusable so I punched holes through the floppies and the paper with my Crop-o-dile. I didn’t have any jump rings big enough to fit the journal and hated the look of ribbon. The journal is held together with wire wine charm loops, which were snipped to size and capped with rubber earring backings.

I don’t know how well these actually hold up because I’ve never heard back from recipients. No news is good news?