katharine likes to make things: bunting necklace

As the weather warms, it’s time to find projects that don’t involve being buried under fabric for hours at a time. It’s back to the craft table for me to figure out just what to do with all these tiny scraps of paper. Whenever I finish a paper craft, I’m always left with chunks and strips of paper that are too small and awkward for my regular projects but big enough that I feel guilty just tossing out.

If you can’t make circles or squares, make triangles! I decided to jump on the trend of making…bunting? Pennants? Garland? These easy-peasy necklaces are a fun way to feel festive on even the crappiest days.

Scrap paper
jump rings
chain, clasps
paper piercing tool
gloss Mod Podge


1. First, I cut a bunch of small diamonds from scrap strips. It helps me to have a template that I can trace onto the paper and then cut. My necklaces have at least three pennants but I like to have five just so I can use less chain later. An odd number drapes better on the neck than an even number of pennants.

2. Fold the diamonds in half to create triangles and glue sides together.
Some scrapbook paper is actually printed cardstock and may not need the diamond treatment. Also, some paper is printed double-sided, with a different design on front than back. In those cases, I would use clear packing tape to act as a protective laminate (look, I’m not making these for the Queen. Costume jewelry isn’t meant to last for generations. Heck, televisions aren’t meant to last for generations anymore!) If my scrap paper is too small for diamonds, I’ll just cut the triangles and glue black paper to the back to stiffen the charms.

3. Coat the triangles with gloss Mod Podge. This helps stiffen and protect the paper. You still don’t want to wear these in a heavy rainstorm. Also, the gloss adds a bit of sheen. Let the pennants dry fully before going onto the other steps. Go hula hoop for half an hour or watch a couple of episodes of QI.

4. Using the paper piercing tool, I poke holes in two corners of each triangle, where I want the jump rings to go. This is tricky business because the paper is still fragile and could tear when pulling the piercer out. Slow and steady makes the holes.

5. Join the pennants and jump rings.

6. Attach chain to pennant with jump rings. Cut your chain to desire length and attach your favourite kind of necklace clasp.

I can make several of these in one sitting. This is great if you need to whip up a bunch of inexpensive gifts for girls. Sit down and cut a bunch of paper, take a break, do all the gluing, take a break, punch all the holes, take a break, and attach all the findings.

You can find a few of my finished creations at Peppermint Robot Surprise on Etsy.

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